Friday, November 17, 2017

Mercury Sextile Mars, Vesta Sextile BML | say what you mean, walk your talk, work together, share your thoughts, tending to what we don't want to look at/tend to makes things more stable over time

246 by DarkGomo

Yesterday we had two supportive trines. Today we have two supportive sextiles!

We have Mercury (in Sagittarius) sextiling (opportunity) Mars (in Libra). There is an opportunity now for our words and our actions to work together. Especially in tandem with other people.

There is support here for saying what we mean and walking our talk. 

Mars in Libra gets ahead through diplomatic, socially acceptable action. But sometimes it is so polite it doesn't get ahead at all. Mercury in Sagittarius makes bold statements and has important things to say. But sometimes it is so bold, it is impolite and the other person tunes out what he/she/we are saying altogether.

We have the ability to benefit from the combination of these energies now. Other people could listen without being offended/overwhelmed. The sharing of ideas creates movement and motivation now. Big, bodacious concepts/thinking meets the people and processes necessary to make it all work. 

Now these planets are still in their detriment so not firing at 100% (housed in their polarity signs and not very comfortable), but we don't need to be comfortable and totally on target to get things moving/done here. With Uranus gearing up for a long transit through Taurus comfort is about to be highly over-rated anyway.

There is also a powerful sextile between Vesta (in Scorpio) and Black Moon Lilith (in Capricorn) - both in new signs within the last couple weeks - I need to do a post about that! BML is in Capricorn now! Look out patriarchy - she's baaaccckkkk!

I will do a full post about both of these females soon!

I have to make today's post a quickie because I have a big order that must ship today.

Just know the opportunity with this sextile comes from a devotion (Vesta) to success within rules/structure as an outsider (Lilith).

And absolutely refusing to feel crappy about ourselves/our dark spaces.

All the women's/outsider's issues blowing up in the news are blowing up in our own lives, too.

With Vesta and BML in signs that naturally support each other the stuff that gets dug up (Scorpio) will create opportunities for long-lasting shifts within societal structures (Capricorn).

For anyone who wishes all this sexual harrassment in the workplace, etc, stories to just go away. They ain't. And we will all be better because of it.

xo all

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Venus Trine Neptune, Sun Trine Chiron | intuition, flow, healing, love, peace, embracing weaknesses, dissolving boundaries, smooth and easy, attraction

of simple words by haikman

We have TWO ease producing trines (Venus/Neptune and Sun/Chiron) today plus the Moon conjuncting Jupiter and trining Neptune.

This is good energy. No flies in today's ointment. There could be lots of emotion though with all this water. Maybe that's the fly - sensitivity. Or lack of focus ... or sliding into something unsavory. Damn flies.

The Sun (in Scorpio) trines Chiron (in Pisces). There is healing here. This is wonderful energy to bridge differences and mend fences - reach out.

It could be some big old ugly secret isn't so big and ugly in the light of day. Facing/embracing any situation where we feel a loss of power or "out-of-control" is medicinal now.

If you need help, ask for it. If you see someone who needs help - helping them will help yourself, too.

Venus (in Scorpio) trines (brakes off) Neptune (in Pisces). Yes, more Scorpio/Pisces (!) - deep healing, deep compassion/empathy, deep intuition. This is BOTH love and intensity/passion. Affection is soothing. Intimacy is soothing. Maybe that thing we really, really want slides into place here or moves one step closer to us? Maybe the barrier between us and what we need to attract/receive for healing dissolves?

We can fuse with other people - feel what they feel. How we choose to use this energy is up to us.

Neptune is standing almost still now preparing to move direct next week (retrograde since June 16th) and now that I look at it more closely, Neptune is also trining Ceres. So make that THREE trines today! More healing, mother energy, family, sustenance, food, embracing the seasons of life. Ceres is retrograde, too, so this could be an old issue, but this time there is a reason (that trine to Venus!) to feel better about whatever is happening.

Now, trines are smooth and easy - things won't need to be pushed for or hungered after. You might have to make some kind of move here, but your actions will flow intuitively. Watch what feels (all that water!) like it is sliding in or out of place now. Keep your eyes on that.

This is also great energy to make healing art.


xo all

Monday, November 13, 2017

Venus Conjunct Jupiter | Mercury Square Neptune - a thirst, feeling the love, more abundance, going too far, wanting too much, giving too much, in over our head, keep an eye on your valuables

illumination complete by thicktheo

So, today we have beneficial Jupiter meeting up with beneficial Venus (in deep Scorpio).

This could certainly provide an increase or escalation with something Venus rules - love, money, beauty, women, self-esteem, our values and our valuables - or within the theme of our natal Scorpio house - see the list in the weekly HERE.

We could get more.

We will almost certainly be wanting something.

In Scorpio, the need could be intense.

By the end of the week it could even feel like life and death. If this is about an object/purchase we will almost certainly overspend/overpay. This might be something we can live with and worth the price we have to pay. But maybe not. I did say life and death, no? Ha! If this is about romance/partnership/intimacy/business we could get in very deep, very fast. We could easily over-commit or over-promise.

With Mercury (in Sag) squaring dreamy Neptune (in Pisces) at the same time there is a flashing yellow light now.

It's not saying stop. Jupiter/Venus CAN be a very good thing. But if some type of investment is required on our part to have whatever it is we are wanting, let's take a moment here. Think things though - which will be hard with foggy Neptune sitting with Mercury!

Gather your ducks in a row and sit with the facts first. We don't want to miss our brass ring, but we don't want to fall off the carousel and break our ass either.

Of course, our actual ass might have the benefit of extra cushioning and be OK come what may - the things that could really get broken - our hearts and bank accounts mostly - might not have the extra padding.

EXAMPLE FOR CANCER - Jupiter and Venus are meeting in your 5th house of creativity, fun, games, children, romance. Know there could be some kind of payoff/expansion here for you. Your confidence/creativity expands. Yes, go after what you want here. Just keep in mind with Scorpio in your 5th you have Mercury now (Sag) in your 6th and squaring Pisces - so your 6th house theme will be the flashing yellow light. You will still be needing to cross your t's and dot your i's. Your day-to-day duties will still require your attention. Don't go overboard and neglect your health. You get the idea.

EXAMPLE FOR LIBRA - Jupiter and Venus are meeting in your 2nd house of money, your values, your valuables and self-esteem. Know there could be some kind of payoff/expansion here for you. If you desire to buy something big and expensive now, know that with Scorpio in your 2nd you have Mercury now (Sag) in your 3rd squaring Pisces - so your 3rd house theme will be the flashing yellow light. You might not be totally clear in your thinking. You might need to recheck your facts and figures. Information might need to be validated.

You can see where I am going with this - use yesterday's list (and the theme of the house following the house for your sign) and do your best with these energies.

Jupiter and Venus are exact today but will be within orb for most of the rest of the month. The square between Mercury and Pisces won't. Foggy thinking, exaggeration, forgetfulness, addiction could be expensive now.

xo all

(it is possible to lose something of value now, too, to create room for the expansion - if you don't want to lose something like your keys, wallet, phone, favorite scarf - stay grounded and focused - hang up your keys, lock your car, zip your purse, keep your scarf around your neck)